The 30 Day Photo and Student Discount Challenge!

For 30 days from 1st November 2016 we are going to be taking pictures of local shops, cafes, eateries and all places will offer student discounts with proof of student ID.  We have been working with lots of places around the town to bring these discounts and they are looking forward to welcoming you!

Keep watching our Facebook, twitter and Instagram links each day for new offers!


Yay coffee – York place Scarborough, 10% discount

Bibbolet Bee – Newborough, 10% discount
Espresso yourself – Falconer’s Road, 10% discount
All about the Day – Bar Street, 10% discount

Love Brew Cafe – Eastborough, 10% discount

Raffertys – Bar Street, 10% discount

Amelia’s chocolate – Victoria Road, 10% discount

Topical Print Shop, St Nicholas Cliff, 10% discount

El gringos – The Esplanade, 50% off food, Tuesday evenings

The wonder emporia – Bar Street, 10% discount

Bjorn Cloggs – Queen Street, an extra 5% off Doc Martins on top of the already lower than some of the leading store prices for Docs