Frequently Asked Questions.

We appreciate whether it is your first time renting or not, getting the right landlord and being able to
talk easily to them is crucial. After all this will be your home and you need to feel safe, valued and
comfortable. For us being a private landlord means personal service. The office does not shut at
5pm Mon-Fri and is not shut on a weekend! Phil and Caroline are contactable 7 days a week.
Living locally means quick response times too. Finally we understand your needs. Look at our
testimonials for more information. We often introduce potential new tenants to our current tenants
Yes, We live very close to the properties, within 5 mins of all of them, so we can easily
call down if required. We also always have our phones on. It is our dedicated
business so you are important to us.
The contract is a standard fixed term AST contract (Assured Shorthold Tenancy) that is
signed by all people renting property. We use the AST provided by the NLA – National
Landlords Association so we therefore know that it approved by the Landlord
Association itself, giving peace of mind to both you and us. If someones is interested in
a property we can email a draft of the property over after a viewing. We appreciate you
need to time to consider your choice in property. You want the right property and we
want the right people.
Yes, Obviously we do appreciate there will be some wear and tear but providing the
property is in the condition that you found it in when you signed the inventory for the
property the deposit will be returned. It is held with the DPS (Deposit Protection
Yes, providing everyone is happy, we will talk to you at the end of the year (e.g. November/December) and ask you whether you wish to stay another year. If so we can sign the contract for the following year and we will therefore not advertise the property giving you and us peace of mind.
Yes, we currently furnish with double beds throughout and each bedroom has a desk and chair and storage. We use carpets throughout the living areas rather than laminate
as feedback we get is laminate, although can look good, is cold and noisy!!!! All our students are offered complimentary starter packs of kitchen utensils and pots/pans and each property has its own washing machine!

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