Update – Privacy Policy – GDPR update May 2018

Privacy Policy Your privacy As Landlords for properties around Scarborough, we are committed to the the security and privacy of your information and data. Whether you contact us by phone, email, text or by paper copy, we will only collect data that is necessary for us to contact you about potential tenancies you have enquired about, process your application for … Read More

What’s available for 2016…

All now booked for september 2017 except the following!… We have a 3 bedroomed maisonette  self contained flat still available for late summer/or September 2017 start. Great property, close to all campuses based in our property at Esplanade Gardens. Pictures and details on the website! Also, due to a change in plans a 1/2 bedroomed property is also available on … Read More

Our new publicity video…

Over the past months we’ve enjoyed working with Arts student Callum from Scarborough School of Arts! We are really delighted to be able to show you his work which is contributing towards his course too. It shows Scarborough as a place to live and movie clips of our properties. You can see how we encourage students to make not just … Read More

Property Update – New students and what’s available

New students!…It’s been great to meet Coventry University Students over the past month. We are pleased to welcome you as new students signing with us for 2017/18!! Looking forward to you moving in from September 2017! One group will be moving into a two bedroomed flat, another into a different two bedroomed flat and a group into our 5 bedroomed house. … Read More

Lights, camera, action…

Big shout out thanks to our students for helping us with filming and photography this Wednesday!! A long day but great! Huge thanks to our Scarborough Arts Student Callum who is working with us producing a film showing our properties and all our great student campuses around town and what a great place Scarborough is too!! Watch this space in weeks … Read More

New fencing!..

The last couple of weeks has seen a few update at one of our Student Houses.  A replacement bay window and a bright new fence! Still love the red door to this property too! https://www.facebook.com/StudentHousingScarborough/posts/1648428818790354

Coming soon…

New film and photos of our accommodation and how close it is to local campus buildings! We are pleased to be working with a local Scarborough Arts Student at Westwood who is busy putting together a movie clip of our properties and how near to the campus buildings and beach they are!

Looking for properties for summer 2017 onwards?

Are you going into your second year in September 2017? 🏘 It’s that time of the year again when student landlords often start encouraging students to look for accommodation for the following academic year….BUT here at Student Housing Scarborough we understand that if you’ve only started a course in September, you’ll still be finding your feet! You’ll be learning about … Read More

Our Property news

Welcome to ‘Our Property News’ This section will provide updates on our properties including vacancies. All properties are now full until summer 2017 which is great for us and we are pleased that our new students have settled in well! UPDATE OCT 2017 Due to a change in circumstances for one student, there may be a 1/2 bed flat available. … Read More