Where are they now?! Spotlight on former students!

We thought it would be great to see and hear from former students who lived in our properties and made them their home in Scarborough whilst studying here! We are featuring students as part of twitters Throwback Thursday! Where are they now?! – Lucy Higgs

More Student Discounts!

With our 30 day challenge to spotlight local business offering student discounts, heres the rest of the great local place providing discounts with proof of being a student Betta Motoring Prillys Pantry Gallery Hair Salon Scarborough Homebird House TRASH Dissent Skate Shop Blue Crush Bar The  The Cask Inn & Club The Seastrand Becca Daisy Wardle & Jones Guitar Galleries, East … Read More

The 30 Day Photo and Student Discount Challenge!

For 30 days from 1st November 2016 we are going to be taking pictures of local shops, cafes, eateries and all places will offer student discounts with proof of student ID.  We have been working with lots of places around the town to bring these discounts and they are looking forward to welcoming you! Keep watching our Facebook, twitter and Instagram … Read More

Whats happening 11-13 Nov ’16 and next week…

Live Music – a few things going on this weekend and week. http://www.themerchantbar.com/gigs/alastair-james-70/ 4.00-6.00 pm 12th November 2016 http://www.tomtownsend.co.uk/rr_events/mojos-scarborough/ – 16th November 2016 4.00pm http://www.tomtownsend.co.uk/rr_events/yay-coffee-scarborough/ – 17th November 2016 1.00pm Alpamare are still offering the 40% discount at specific times Mon-Fri, check out this link https://instagram.com/p/BMZLh4Kjd7p/  

CU Scarborough Open Day 12th Nov…

Looking forward to the next CU Scarborough Open Day! More information to be found on www.coventry.ac.uk The new prospectus for 2017/18 is out too! www.ucas.com and their twitter account @ucas_online have some great articles about applications too.

Lights, camera, action…

Big shout out thanks to our students for helping us with filming and photography this Wednesday!! A long day but great! Huge thanks to our Scarborough Arts Student Callum who is working with us producing a film showing our properties and all our great student campuses around town and what a great place Scarborough is too!! Watch this space in weeks … Read More

New fencing!..

The last couple of weeks has seen a few update at one of our Student Houses.  A replacement bay window and a bright new fence! Still love the red door to this property too! https://www.facebook.com/StudentHousingScarborough/posts/1648428818790354

4-6th Nov 2016, Open Mic, Tapstock musical festival and Food market…

Always worth looking online at the gig guide scarborough, however here’s a few other events this weekend! Open Mic night at the Stephen Joseph Theatre Friday 4th November 8.00pm http://www.yorkshirecoastradio.com/listings/whatson/view/15116/open-mic-night/ 5th November  930 – 4.00 there’s a food market outside in the town centre! http://www.yorkshirecoastradio.com/listings/whatson/view/14982/scarborough-food-fair/ and the Tap and Spile pub, Falsgrave, Scarborough have a weekend festival of music! “TAPSTOCK” … Read More

What’s on 4-6th Nov 2016 – Bonfire weekend!

With Bonfire Night tomorrow, 5th Nov, there is usually a tradition of bonfires on the beach and fireworks being set off down near the beach, however sadly there’s just been a safety release about high tides  https://www.scarborough.gov.uk/latest-news/advice-stay-scarborough-beaches-bonfire-night therefore probably best to either visit one of the events in this article, however I’m sure there will be fireworks still out and above this … Read More


UCAS links https://www.ucas.com/ucas/undergraduate/getting-started/ucas-undergraduate-when-apply for key dates